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Whether you are injured in an automobile/motorcycyle/trucking accident, a slip and fall, an airplane, boat or train accident, an assault, or something else, nothing is more frustrating than dealing with the procedural issues that come up-on top of trying to heal from your injuries. You may be reluctant to seek help from an attorney because you don't want to be seen as litigious or greedy, but there are some simple truths you should be aware of:

1. The Insurance Co. is trying to pay you the least amount possible. If you've ever dealt with an insurance adjuster, you know this. Lets look at the obvious (but often overlooked). This person is called an "adjuster". So what are they "adjusting"? Your claim downward. Adjusters get promoted by saving the insurance companies money by paying you less than your claim is worth. They get bonuses for paying you the least possible amount you will accept.

Many Victims think it will be easier, quicker, and cheaper to handle their own claim. In their mind, they cannot justify paying an attorney fee from the proceeds of a settlement or verdict. They think the fee will reduce the amount they put in their pocket. In most cases, nothing could be further from the truth. You will realize a bigger settlement by using an attorney.

2. An insurance adjuster hopes you will not hire an attorney. They have handled thousands of claims, and will take advantage of those who have never negotiated a claim. If you do not think your claim is serious enough to hire an attorney then why would the adjuster take your claim seriously?

Not only is the adjuster working to limit your recovery, but there can be collection agents or lien holder representatives who are looking to get you to pay the most they can get. Our staff makes every effort to negotiate your medical bills for the hospital, ambulance, treating doctor, specialists, diagnostic testing procedures, and Medicare or Medicaid downward, so that you receive a higher settlement. 

3. The person who injured you will not, in most cases, be financially destroyed if you are paid full value on your claim. Unless the conduct causing your injury was reckless,(drunk driving) or intentional (an assault) the tortfeaser (person who caused your injury) will usually not be ruined. Many people have insurance policies to cover claims against them and Florida has laws that

protect heads of households from financial ruin. Odds are you will be suffering longer than the tortfeasor does.

4. It is NOT a good strategy to find out what the Insurance Co. is willing to pay and then decide if you need an attorney. A BAD strategy. The insurance adjuster is trained to use everything you say against you. That is why they will politely tell you that everything is recorded for quality assurance. They will ask you questions in such a way that they get you to say things that can be twisted and used against you. They will politely ask you to sign a release to obtain your medical records. They are looking for pre-existing conditions they can use against you, to argue you were hurt before this accident. They don't tell you they do not have a right to these records until you are in litigation. Furthermore, you are too involved in the matter and cannot deal with it in a detached way. You may be on meds, you may be stressed about money, you may be nervous about filing the lawsuit, testifying and you will want it over. That's what the adjuster is hoping for. She wants to negotiate with someone who does not know how to play the game. You don't even know the rules.  Would you play poker with professionals? With poker, you at least know the rules. And lastly, the adjuster sets aside money early on for a case. They set a settlement number and it is hard to increase it much, so it is important you do not make mistakes that make them undervalue your case.

5. You deserve Compensation. Whatever the injuries, it is unusual for a victim to be happy about getting paid money to compensate for the injury. No one wants to trade a couple million dollars for a wheelchair. How much is enough for losing a loved one? Tort reform efforts by insurance companies claimed doctors bills and expenses go up because of lawsuits, but years of tort reform in Florida have not limited medical care or decreased insurance premiums, though that was promised time and time again.




We know your rights. We will explain them to you. Don't delay. Under the new Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Law, a medical doctor (not a chiropractor nor a nurse practitioner) must determine within 14 days of the accident that you have a serious medical condition or your medical PIP coverage is reduced to $2,500, down from $10,000. So, if you are hurt, do not delay.  SEE A MEDICAL DOCTOR WHO TREATS AUTO ACCIDENT VICTIMS AND AVOID ASK-HELP LINES.